What is water for humans?

Water constitutes 70% of the human body. A normal person cannot live without water for more than 4 days. Minerals enter the body along with the liquid. What is the value of water for health and what kind of water is worth drinking?

Water benefits for the human organism

We can speak endlessly of the benefits of this liquid, even if it does not contain minerals or vitamins. First, it is responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the body and to all important organs. The liquid stabilizes metabolic processes, normalizes brain activity and cleanses the toxic substances organism. What else does water do by the human body?

Improves digestion

If the body lacks water, begins to segregate gastric juices, which causes stomach burning. To avoid this, you have to drink a glass of water before meals.

Improves the status of hair and skin

To keep hair and pretty skin as long as possible, it is worth drinking clean liquids regularly. Dehydration causes the skin to become flaccid and dry. Water provides the skin with a naturally healthy appearance and color.

Help lose weight

Many health professionals claim that people confuse thirst with hunger. To check it, drink a glass of pure water. If the desire to eat disappears, it means that the body did not have enough water. Another rule to eat correctly is to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating or dinner. In this way, the stomach is falsified, returning the feeling of satiety and reducing the risk of excess eating. At the same time, water favors the active secretion of gastric juice, which has a beneficial effect on food digestion.

Eliminates toxins

Doctors recommend drinking as much water as possible in case of colds and serious poisoning. This is because the mucous secret found in the nasal cavity expels the germs of the body and 95% of it is formed by liquid. Clean water better the body of toxic substances by actively eliminating various toxins and other harmful elements.

Relieve stress and fight fatigue.

When we are stressed, all our vital organs and blood vessels begin to work to the fullest, and that causes active moisture secretion. You have to drink a glass of purified water when it is weak or stressed. This will restore the normal rhythm of the heart, free from negativity and give energy.

Improves blood circulation

Clean and hot water is good for blood circulation. This is especially important for the health of the entire body and the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous system.

Provides thermoregulation

When an effort is made or the body temperature increases, sweat is actively produced, which cools the body. Sometimes humidity is lost through sweat and it is necessary to replace it. Water helps maintain body temperature within the recommended limits avoiding overheating.

What is the best type of water to drink?

To know what type of water is good for you, you need to know what kind.

  1. Distilled water. This liquid is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sectors. It is also used in everyday life, by motorists.

Advantages of distilled water:

  • Its composition is as similar as possible to the pure water of natural origin, so it almost does not have negative effects on the body;
  • Together with the water, the body receives the necessary amount of minerals and other nutrients, participates in the metabolic process;
  • Distilled water eliminates from the body toxic substances that can be deposited in the form of stones;
  • It has no specific smell or flavor.

Distilled liquid damages:

  • Useful elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium abandon the body along with water;
  • its regular consumption negatively affects the metabolic process;
  • Dilute blood without providing nutrients
  • The acid-alkaline balance does not reach the necessary norms.
  1. Filtered water. One in three people has a water filter at home. This clean water also has its pros and cons.

Benefits of filtered water:

  • eliminates the toxic substances of the organism;
  • The tap water is subjected to the filtration process, so there will always be purified water at home;
  • The filtered water knows and smells better than without filtering;
  • Filters completely eliminate water chlorine, which has a negative effect on the body.
  • Water lacks nutrients such as calcium, potassium and sodium. Drinking this type of water frequently has a negative effect on the body;
  • If the filter works for a long time, it is obstructed and the water is poorly purified, which increases the probability that there are harmful impurities in the water;
  • Filters retain not only harmful components, but also healthy.
  1. Bottled water. Bottled water is sold in all stores. This water has already undergone a purification process, so you do not need filters. The water itself is practically harmless, but the bisphenol a substance, present to a greater or lesser extent in the plastic bottle, can be harmful to health, namely
  • thyroid disease;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • problems in the nervous system;
  • hypertension.

But this type of water has advantages:

  • If you buy water from a trusted producer, you may be sure that you fully meet all Gost standards;
  • In stores there is a wide range of water not only for its composition, but also for its volume;
  • Bottled water does not need any additional treatment, so you can drink directly;
  • Bottled water can be stored for a long time, up to a year. During this time it does not lose its beneficial properties.

There is no clear response about what water is beneficial for the human organism. It is worth guiding by the preferences and body peculiarities taking into account all its pros and cons.

How to purify oneself

The easiest and easiest way to purify oneself is to use a domestic filter. It can be installed in a current water system or can be a simple jug containing special filter layers. When choosing a domestic filter, you should keep in mind that a carbon filter can easily purify water from heavy metal salts, but will not purify water of excessive iron amounts.

The most effective, although expensive filter is the osmotic. It works according to the principle of reverse osmosis and fully meets the task of eliminating all harmful substances, in addition to useful salts that are necessary to maintain the vital functions of the human body.

There is a popular method of liquid purification – freezing and defrosting. The water that has been frozen and then defrosted is purified to the maximum of harmful elements and is beneficial for the body. But despite the prevalence of this method, many experts believe that it is very difficult to correctly purify water through freezing and defrosting. It is necessary to know all the technological characteristics that will allow it to purify the water completely, but retaining its beneficial properties.

Particularities of use

In order not to harm your health, it is worth following some important rules about how to consume liquids.

How much water you have to drink up to date

Clear rules have not been established. But it is advisable to drink daily between 30 and 35 ml for each kg of body weight. The main world organizations have carried out a study that has developed an approximate daily intake of water.

Water intake (ml a day)
Men 2500-2800
Women 1800-2200
Pregnant women 2200-2500
Women in breastfeeding 2300-2600
Children (under 14 years old) 1300-1500

Some people believe that water should only drink when you are thirsty. Actually, thirst is considered a sign of dehydration. When the body loses 2% water, there is a strong desire to calm thirst. With 10% dizziness and hallucinations may occur, urgent medical attention is required with 12% and death is usually produced.

If you drink tea or coffee frequently, you should increase the amount of water, since these drinks can eliminate liquids from the body actively.

Some most important tips:

  • Water must be at room temperature, since too cold or hot water has a negative effect on the body;
  • Drink water to little sips so as not to overload the kidneys;
  • Do not drink a bottle of water from a drink and return to train immediately after exercise or physical effort. You must recover your breath, bring water to your mouth, keep it for a few seconds and swallow it slowly. After 30-60 seconds you can return to exercise. You must fill your water reserve every 20 minutes during exercise;
  • Coffee, tea or other drinks do not replace purified water, since they have a diuretic effect.

When is the best time to drink

According to nutritionists, a glass of purified water should drink with an empty stomach early in the morning and only after 20-30 minutes you owe breakfast. If you drink water along with meals, food will be missed. You also have to drink 1-2 glasses of water 30-60 minutes before food and dinner. It should refrain from drinking water before bedtime, as it causes swelling. In total, you have to drink at least 5-6 glasses a day; This reduces the probability of suffering a infarction by 43% compared to those who drink a couple of vessels.

Can it be harmful to the agency?

Water can only be detrimental if it is drinking in excess or insufficient quantity. Water has negative effects on the body in the following cases

  1. Drink very cold water. Some people drink ice water or add ice cubes when it is hot. This is due to the false argument that this liquid is a better way to deal with thirst. Actually, ice water causes spasms and the breakage of blood vessels, which can cause the person to lose knowledge or hemorrhages in the body. Other adverse effects are stomach and musculoskeletal problems.
  2. The consumption of very hot liquids. Hirar water negatively affects the stomach mucosa, causing ulcers.
  3. Excessive water consumption. Too much water overloads the heart and kidneys and causes an increase in sweating. This causes swelling and excessive sweating.
  4. Lack of liquids in the body. The lack of water causes headaches, drowsiness, weakness and stress.
  5. Dirty water consumption. Any water that has not been previously purified contains many germs, heavy metals and chlorine. Therefore, you must install a water treatment system or buy a filter.
  6. Only boiled water should be used. The molecular structure of boiled water is altered, so the cells do not receive the necessary amount of humidity. In addition, boiled water should not be reheated at 90 degrees and let stand for a day. Therefore, the boothing water must be changed every day.

Water is an indispensable ingredient that the human being needs to stay healthy. Without it, the body cannot work properly, so it is important to take the right amount of water. It is worth respecting the daily ration to maintain health and longevity. Do not drink neither too much nor little water so as not to damage the body.

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