What rice is the best to lose weight

The rice diet is very controversial. Some praise it as an excellent method to lose weight, while others claim that it is a fairly heavy product, based on which it is irrelevant to get rid of the extra kilos.

So, is it possible to eat rice overwhelming, how to correctly follow the diet and what are the possible consequences?

Can I eat rice to lose weight?

Rice is one of the most popular garrisons. Boiled rice is beneficial for the body, mainly due to its active detoxification. And few people perceive him as an assistant in the fight for a slender figure. And in vain!

According to the reviews, one week of diet will be released from 5-6 extra kilos. The effect of such weight loss is durable, especially if the result is consolidated with some recommendations:

  1. Drink much liquid.
  2. Limit the consumption of meat products.
  3. During and after the diet (at least a week) eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Nutritionists say that it is possible to eat rice while thinning, but with caution and strictly respecting the diet rules.

Benefits and losses of weight loss

Rice is a low fat diet. Precisely strict restrictions on calorie intake contribute to weight loss. In addition, in its systematic consumption there is a qualitative clarification of the organism, due to which the harmful slags, toxins, decrease the level of cholesterol, improve the general state and health is restored.

However, the diet can also be harmful. Why you should not eat rice when you lose weight for a long time:

  1. The active consumption of this cereal causes a lack of calcium in the body, which carries health problems (brittle nails, bone system, deterioration of teeth, general discomfort).
  2. A prolonged rice diet will cause a lack of fats and proteins in the body.
  3. Daily rice consumption can cause digestive disorders.

It is extremely important to follow an adequate dietary regime by adjusting to a daily feeding plan. For example, you have to eat fruit and vegetables every day, thus enriching the organism with essential vitamins and micronutrients to keep the body in good shape.

The danger of diet is the desire to saturate the stomach with heavy foods, based on fats and proteins. It is not uncommon for women to return to their usual diet the day after finishing a diet. This not only makes the results unsustainable, but also causes serious stomach and intestinal problems.

Many people worry about whether you can eat rice to lose weight at night and if it will be harmful to health. The last portion of the diet menu is allowed no later 4 hours before bedtime. It is a slow digestion food, and consuming it before bed will disturb digestion, because rice has no time to digest. This causes serious stomach and intestinal problems.

What kind of rice can be eaten while you lose weight

Rice varieties that have a low glycemic index and contain many useful substances are allowed in the diet. Dietitians do not recommend the white short grain rice to diet, but the lon g-grained long grain rice.

Dietary rice varieties:

  1. Integral, wild and long grain rice – the healthiest option for a ric e-based diet. It contains a minimum of carbohydrates and a low glycemic index (35).
  2. White Pulido long grain rice – As whole rice is a expensive and scarce product (not all grocery stores find it on their shelves) and it takes a long time to cook it, it is allowed to use a long grain polished white rice in diets in the dietsdietary. It has a higher glycemic index (70), so the diet must be complemented with vegetables, fruit and protein products (for example, led lean meat). This will reduce the glycemic index of rice and slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in the bloodstream.

How to choose rice?

When choosing the rice, it is preferable to consume it raw (without polishing) or steamed. The reasons:

  1. The unreasonable rice retains all micronutrients and nutrients in maximum concentration. When choosing white rice, quality raw rice is identified by a slightly yellowish tone.
  2. Steamed rice undergoes a special treatment, which allows to preserve a sufficient number of vitamins and oligoements necessary to lose weight effectively and keep the body in good shape.

Dietary options

There are several variants of the rice diet, from soft to hard. Another useful way of losing weight is the days of discharge, which will not stress the body with a prolonged restriction of food intake and will contribute to weight loss.

Rice download days

Methodology for download days:

  1. Rice broth. Pour a couple of tablespoons of cereals into a liter of water, boil until they are tender and strain. Drink a glass in the morning and at night.
  2. Take a reconstituent day with apples or pears. It consumes 200 g of boiled cereals and a kilo of apples or pears during the day.
  3. Kéfir days. Eat a tablespoon of boiled rice and get it with half a glass of kefir 5 times a day.
  4. Tomato benefits. A tablespoon of rice and a glass of tomato juice 4-5 times a day is an excellent discharge option, in addition to making the body satisfy and hunger.

Another recommendation by Elena Malesheva is to divide 200 grams of steamed rice into 6 equal portions and consume it throughout the day with a small honey addition. It is important to drink at least 2. 5 liters of water a day when this method of discharge of the organism is used.

3-day rice diet

The softest version of the diet is to eat 2 tablespoons of boiled rice for 3 days (5 times a day). Be sure to complement your diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables (fresh, adding it to salads or making stews). Exclude unhealthy foods, fatty and fried foods and sweets.

Rice diet for 5 days

Daily ration to follow for 5 days:

  • For breakfast – rice porridge, in which you can add skim milk, fruit, a small amount of honey, nuts, drink green or herbal tea;
  • For lunch – hot soups with rice and vegetables (without meat!), vegetable salads with olive oil, stew;
  • For dinner, rice with mushrooms and stewed vegetables.

Light hunger can satisfy with natural yogurt, fresh fruit or sultane raisins.

Rice diet for 7 days

Recommended menu:

First day The diet begins with 60 g of boiled rice, fresh apple and green tea for breakfast, a small portion of rice with vegetables, vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil for lunch and rice with zucchini and carrots for dinner.
Day 2 For breakfast: a ration of boiled rice with sour and orange cream. To eat: a vegetable and steamed rice menestra. For dinner: a small portion of boiled rice and fish.
Day 3 For breakfast: rice with cinnamon and a pear. To eat – a ration of rice with mushrooms, cucumber salad and hot vegetable broth. For dinner – broccoli and steamed rice.
Day 4 For breakfast – boiled rice with lean milk and fruit salad. For lunch – vegetables with rice, hot broth, radish salad and olive oil. For dinner – piece of boiled breast, gachas of rice with vegetables.
Day 5 In the morning: a rice bowl with sultane raisins and grated almonds and a cup of sugarless coffee. In the afternoon: Great ration of vegetable and steamed rice salad. At night: a rice stew, vegetables, onion and celery with crushed nuts.
Day 6 An abundant breakfast – a pear, 2 figs and dates, 5 nuts and boiled rice. Lunch – lo w-fat broth in fat, rice with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. For dinner – rice and fish, cooked in a multicocin pot.
Day 7 In the morning – a portion of rice with crushed apples and pear slices, lemon juice, honey and lo w-fat yogurt. In the afternoon – rice with beans, served with fresh vegetables and vegetables. At night – a small portion of rice with steamed zucchini, 5 olives, fresh vegetables.

Apples, oranges, pears, nuts and nuts are good as a snack if you have a strong feeling of hunger.

Rice diet for 9 days

The diet is similar to the weekly diet. But extended in 2 days, the menu:

  1. Day 8. Rice porridge with sour cream and fresh vegetables for breakfast. For lunch: steamed rice and vegetables. For dinner: rice with a piece of boiled fish, vegetables, vegetable salad.
  2. Day 9. Start the morning with green tea, rice porridge with fresh vegetables and salad. In the afternoon, vegetable stew, boiled chicken and rice breast. At night, rice porcus and sultane raisins.

This diet is considered the hardest, difficult and lasting. It is recommended to monitor your health and stomach/intestines while following it.

5 rice diet

The diet of the five volumes implies the consumption of 5 cups of rice, which must be removed previously for five days. The ration of a day is divided into 3-4 portions and is consumed during the day.

There are many restrictions on food intake during the diet period. The rice menu can be diluted with lo w-fat fish, chicken breast, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables. Of drinks – a lot of water, tea and coffee without sugar.


Dietary menu is prohibited in case of:

  • pregnancy
  • lactation;
  • Mellitus diabetes;
  • Stomach diseases;
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • renal insufficiency;
  • liver diseases

The diet is also harmful to those who often suffer constipation, flatulence and swelling.

The rice diet is inadmissible after any surgical intervention during the rehabilitation period. The weakened body needs soft care and support, a balanced diet and not strict food restrictions.

Opinions and results

How efficient weight loss in rice diet and what results can be achieved, women say:

  1. Christina, 28 years old, Izhevsk: I have lost 6 kilos after a week of rice diet, I am very happy with the result. My stomach accepted the daily consumption of rice, but of course I missed my favorite meat dishes.
  2. Anna, 42 years, Stavropol: I have tried many different diets, the principle is more or less the same: minimal feeding and exhausting starvation. The rice diet is easier to endure, because the rice is nutritious, I did not feel the agony of hunger.

I chose the toughest diet – 9 days. It was useful not only for my figure, but also for my body. I lost 8. 5 kg, I improved my general wel l-being and felt a pleasant lightness.

The rice diet causes a lot of controversy among women. However, nutritionists say you can really lose weight with that method. To consolidate the results obtained, it is necessary to get out of the diet little by little, gradually adding to the daily dishes. Anna, 42 years old, Stavropol: I have tried many different diets, the principle is more or less the same: minimum food and exhausting starvation. The rice diet is easier to endure, because the rice is nutritious, I did not feel the agony of hunger.

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