What vitamins contain black currants

Crowd is a very old berry. Throughout its long history, it has accumulated medicinal properties and other benefits. Black curious is popularly known as the “warehouse” of vitamins, but in addition to its medicinal qualities, it has a spectacular flavor. The peculiarity of currants is that even its leaves have medicinal properties. You will find more information about this berry in the article.

Chemical composition of black currency and calories per 100 grams

If we compare black currants with other berries and fruits, it will win in number of useful additives. Active ingredients include:

  • Components that inhibit the action of pathogenic bacteria. As for the number of fittings, black currants cannot compete with garlic or onion, but the berry can be consumed in large quantities without damaging the body;
  • natural acids. This ingredient of black currants is dangerous for those who have gastric juice problems, but in a healthy body acids break and offer additional benefits;
  • pectinic substances. Its function is to stimulate the intestines acting on their muscles. In this way, the gastrointestinal tract is cleaned;
  • Tannins enter slightly in conflict with pectins, since the ability of tannins is to retain food in the intestine;
  • Essential oils have pronounced bactericidal properties. The greatest amount of oils is found in the rulers;
  • The chemical structure of currants is also diverse. The currants are rich in sodium, which stimulates the nervous system; Potassium stimulates the heart; Iron and magnesium stimulate the hematopoyesis process; Calcium and phosphorus are beneficial for bones, cartilage and joints.

The energy value of the product shows that the berry is low in calories. For every 100 grams of currants there are

  • 1 gram of proteins;
  • 0. 2 grams of fat;
  • 7. 3 grams of carbohydrates;
  • 36 kilocalories.

What vitamins contain black currants?

Black currants are considered a vitamin treasure. Even among the multitude of vitamins, there are some dominant that occupy a large part:

  • The first is vitamin C. It is also called ascorbic acid. Due to the fact that after maturation in a berryThe human being keeps his immunity. It is also known that this vitamin acts as antitoxin: that is, to eliminate alcohol remains and the effects of any other poisoning.
  • Provitamina A. His ability to act on the retina protects people’s vision. Beta-cheap has anti-cancer properties.
  • Crowds contain vitamins of group B: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6. Thanks to these vitamins, many processes take place in the body: decrease in blood cholesterol and hormone production, etc.
  • Vitamin K has been found in black currants, responsible for protein synthesis.

Profit properties

It is impossible to give an unequivocal response: black currants is useful or not. Each food has its positive and negative aspects.


Fresh currants are a treasure of useful vitamins and properties. They are used in cold times, when the body suffers avitaminosis. Currants affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Another equally effective and useful method is to mix grated berries with sugar, sarracene wheat flour in equal proportions. This method is intended to increase blood hemoglobin.

Crowds are considered an excellent product that stimulates the creation of new blood cells. Experts recommend the consumption of black currants for diabetics, atherosclerosis patients.

Crowd leaves also have a positive effect, which affects almost everything. That is why they are usually added to tea. Help with colds and sore throats.

Damages and contraindications

The use of black currants is strictly prohibited to people with thrombosis of inflammation of the venous wall, excessive acidity of the stomach and an acute form of gastritis.

Crowd can be used in liver diseases, but when this organ is subject to an infectious infection, there is a taboo over currants. The prolonged and excessive use of black currants entails the possibility of blood clotting.

What diseases is recommended to eat?

The system of use of currants is very confusing and ambiguous. To structure knowledge, here is a list of diseases in which black currants can have a beneficial effect:

  • Liver and renal diseases (except hepatitis);
  • Flu;
  • Chronic gastritis;
  • Heart diseases;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Cough.

Thus, we can say that currants affect many parts of the human body, preventing and protecting against diseases.

How to eat them and what amounts?

Eating many currants can cause blood problems, so it is not advisable to eat many. 20 pieces is the daily rule to replace vitamin C, so it is worth sticking to this number.

Fact. Wasteing can be consumed as fresh or added berries. Grated currants mixed with sugar are tasty and healthy.

Collect and conserve currants

It is recommended to collect the currants in dry time, separating them from the bush not by individual berries, but by whole clusters. Crowds should be dried to the sun in a thin layer before preparing them for storage for a long time.

Crowds can be stored frozen in the form of whole berries, “curious dough”, or in the form of juice. When they freeze whole, the berries are introduced into a plastic bag and get into the freezer.

When they freeze in the form of juice or dough, the berries are washed previously and get into the cold. Based on the above, we can say that currants are a useful and tasty product, which is not only suitable for almost everyone, but should be present in the human diet.

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