What vitamins contain blueberries?

Blueberries not only have a beautiful appearance and a good flavor, but also provide numerous benefits for the health of the human body and all their systems.

And these small blueberries are a very important vitamins and mineral warehouse for human being, especially during the coldest months and in case of illness. Blueberries and their leaves have been used for centuries in medicine, cosmetology and dietary.

What vitamins contain blueberries?

In 100 grams of blueberries it contains

aqueous component 85 г;
Carbohydrates 12. 3 г;
Fats 0. 35
Proteins 0. 75 г;
fiber (food fibers) 2. 6 г;
ashes 0. 26 г;
Vitamin A (bet a-carotene) 33 µg;
ascorbic acid 9. 8 µg;
Vitamin E (Tocoferol) 0. 59 µg;
vitamin RR (niacin, vitamin B3) 0. 420 µg;
thiamine (vitamin B1) 0. 039 µg
Riboflavina (vitamin B2) 0. 042 µg;
pyridoxin (vitamin B6) 0. 07 mg
Vitamin B9 (folic acid) 0. 6 mg
Philoquinone (vitamin K) 0. 20 mg;
Vitamin B4 (Hill) 7 mg;
Pantotenic acid (vitamin B5) 0. 126 mg;
sodium 0. 2 g;
calcium 7 mg;
match 13 mg;
magnesium 7 mg;
potassium 76 mg
copper 0. 56 mg
selenium 0. 2 µg; selenium 0. 2 µg;
zinc 17 µg
iron 29 µg
manganese 0. 37 µg.

There are 58 kcal in 100 grams of blueberries.

Useful holders of blueberries

The usefulness of blueberries for the body is difficult to overestimate, because they have many beneficial properties, as well as a beneficial effect on all body systems.

Blueberries are a treasure of beneficial substances with antioxidant effect capable of eliminating free radicals from the organism, as well as toxic substances and accumulated slag. The fruit not only eliminates all the dirt from the body, but also eliminates the effects of its prolonged stay inside a person.

Among the beneficial properties of tasty berries, it should be noted:

  • Rejuvenation and cleaning of the skin, prevention of premature skin aging;
  • Regeneration of the cornea after eye injuries;
  • Improvement of immunity and defense functions of the organism;
  • Improvement of concentration and memory;
  • Diabetes prevention and relief of their symptoms;
  • Purification of the organism of substances and harmful radicals;
  • Cancer prevention and heart muscle diseases;
  • Strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels, increasing their elasticity;
  • Cholesterol extraction from blood vessels, prevention of their accumulation in the future;
  • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Relief of hemorrhoids, detention of bleeding in hemorrhoidal nodes, pain relief;
  • Prevention of eye diseases, including cataracts;
  • Improvement of blood circulation and blood coagulation;
  • Varicose prevention;
  • Fight against intestinal infections and viruses of various etiologies;
  • Inhibitor effect on pathogens;
  • Standardization of renal function, stabilizing the level of creatinine;
  • Blueberries help burn subcutaneous fat and lose weight, this effect is achieved by accelerating metabolism.

Medicinal properties of blueberries

Plant fruits

In addition to all their beneficial properties, blueberries also have medicinal properties such as:

  • Reduce inflammation of the outer coating of the eyes, help reduce and dissolve blood clots;
  • Brears and blueberry leaves, taken in any way, have a beneficial effect on the kidneys and the urogenital system in general;

Important: regular blueberry consumption has a good effect on the male genital apparatus, improves blood flow to genitals and helps reduce the risk of early ejaculation. Given this useful property of blueberries, you can surely call a lifeguard for those who are experiencing difficulties in the sexual sphere.

Blueberry sheets

Not only blueberries have therapeutic properties, but also their leaves. Decoction of blueberry leaves is used to treat and cure septic wounds, skin diseases. Enemas with an infusion of blueberry leaves are used in medicine to stop the bleeding of inflamed hemorrhoids and relieve pain symptoms. To do this, 200 ml of boiling water is poured over 1 tablespoon of dry leaves, sneaks, cools and the tincture is added to a solution to rinse.

In addition, leaf infusions are used to eliminate inflammation from the bladder mucosa. The infusion should be taken 2-3 glasses a day until the feeling of dehydration disappears. If there will be thirst and frequent trips to the bathroom – start drinking the infusion again.

Burned infusion is used to treat wounds and skin lesions. You will need 2 teaspoons of dry leaves. Pour over them 180 ml of boiling water, leave in the fire for 20 minutes, strain, let cool and then use according to the indications.

The decoction for the oral rinse is prepared in the same way as the previous one. The rinse must be done in the morning and at night.

When diabetes symptoms appear in the early stages of the disease, blueberry leaves also go to the rescue. They are infused, are left in infusion and are taken 3 times a day, 180 ml each time, to small sips.

How to use


If a child is familiar with blueberries from the moment of breastfeeding, and no allergic reactions were observed – it can be given to a more advanced age, which will bring a large number of useful substances in the child’s body.

Due to the high percentage of calcium in blueberries, they are beneficial for the formation of muscles and strong bones of the child. A delicious mil k-based drink and fresh blueberries is especially popular among children. It can replace vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the body in active growth and development of the child.

Blueberries rubbed with granulated sugar will be an excellent preventive against colds and viral diseases, this is because the berries strengthen the immune system and improve organism’s defenses. The berries are also useful to increase concentration during a great mental effort and to replace energy reserves.

Important: blueberries are an excellent means to accelerate metabolism and normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract in children of all ages. The berries are used in stomach disorders (not infectious etiology). In chronic constipation, the blueberry should not be abused, since it can cause damage to the already dysfunctional body.


Burned berries can be especially beneficial for the female organism, they will help you both for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Benefits of berries for women:

  • Blueberries are beneficial to the female body when there are problems with the kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal tract;
  • The berries strengthen hair, shine and improve their appearance. In addition, berries can help get rid of problems such as dandruff and hair loss;
  • The rejuvenation of the skin is another invaluable property of berries, for which they are so appreciated by the beautiful half of humanity. Many creams and facial masks are made based on blueberries to hydrate and eliminate inflammation;
  • The berries, thanks to their antioxidant properties, have the effect of accelerating the circulation of body fluids, helping to regenerate damaged cells, serving as prevention of premature wrinkles and the aging of the skin;
  • Blueberries are an indispensable remedy for women during critical days. Thanks to scientific research, it has been confirmed that blueberries relieve pain and cramps. Blueberries also help normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • By improving blood circulation in blood vessels, blueberries help treatment, relief of symptoms and varicose veins.

During breastfeeding

Most young mothers during the breastfeeding period try to follow the strictest diet, so as not to harm the baby and not cause stomach discomfort and allergic reactions. It is true that most products are harmful to the baby and too heavy for immature stomach. But, even during breastfeeding, blueberries are not prohibited, since they are one of the few hypoallergenic berries.

Useful properties of blueberries during the breastfeeding period:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • Six useful and necessary organic acids for the correct and effective functioning of the organism of the mother and the fetus.

Despite the beneficial composition of blueberries and their properties, there are also contraindications for the use of blueberries during breastfeeding. Among them are:

  • Trend to constipation;
  • Frequent obstruction of intestines and stomach pain;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases and gastritis with high levels of acidity;
  • Bad blood coagulation;
  • And most importantly: when using berries for the first time during pregnancy, start with small doses to check if there are allergic reactions and individual intolerance to the product, if any.

During pregnancy

One of the most beautiful and valuable states of any woman is the gestation period of a baby. At that time, blueberries can provide an invaluable contribution to the body of the mother and the baby. Blueberries will replace the agency’s vitamins and mineral reserves, because the future mother now needs more than ever a healthy and strong body.

During pregnancy, the woman’s immune system weakens and becomes an easy target for viral and col d-related diseases. Burned should be consumed to prevent respiratory diseases, as well as to improve organism’s defenses and reinforce immunity.

Of course, a young mother can buy a vitamin complex in the pharmacy, and use it for the appointment, but the advantage of blueberries in their 100% natural and natural origin, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

In case of diseases

Respiratory tract infections

One of the benefits of health berries is the treatment of colds and respiratory conditions of various etiologies. Blueberries can be consumed in any way: fresh, frozen, crushed with sugar, dry, as well as compote, infusion or kissel.

There is an especially tasty and healthy cranberry recipe. To make it it is necessary to boil dried blueberry leaves and put them on the fire for 20-25 minutes, then cool and add to the dry wine (preferably red). The product should be used 20 ml 3 times a day.

Cataract view and prevention deterioration

The most famous use of blueberries is the prevention of eye diseases, improving vision. Thanks to the anthocyanins, which are part of the leaves and berries, the blueberries have a beneficial and strong effect on the sight organs, helping to support a heavy load (especially useful for prolonged work with the computer). They also have a regenerating effect on the eye retina and increase visual acuity.

Important: Note that blueberries are not a panacea for eye diseases, they are more useful for prevention. In addition, you should know that the effect of blueberry consumption is cumulative, so you should not expect a supervision of a few berries consumed once a day. To obtain a tangible effect, blueberries must be consumed regularly, every day.


Blueberries are an indispensable help in case of stomach discomfort (diarrhea). They are also very useful for treating symptoms of food poisoning, such as diarrhea. A smooth blueberry infusion made with dry leaves or berries is the best option for these purposes.

Skin diseases

Blueberries are not only used internally, but also externally. This method is used to treat skin diseases and injuries. To do this, we have to pour boiling water on the dry berries, observing the proportion of 1: 5, slowly and wait until half of the liquid boils.

The resulting pulp is placed in a clean gauze bandage, bends several times and is used as a compress, applying it on the affected skin areas. It should be changed 5-6 times during the day, increasingly changing the soaked compress in fresh infusion. If you do not have the opportunity to make your own infusion – no problem, use the newly squeezed or puree blueberry juice.

We have already mentioned the antiseptic and antioxidant properties of blueberries. Thanks to these properties, they are used in medicine and cosmetology. Using a simple decoction of blueberry sheets as a cleaner can help you forget about skin problems, inflammation, grains and acne.

Another way to use the decoction is to freeze it in an ice cube and clean the skin with it every morning. This will help reduce dark circles and bags, eliminate swelling and give the skin a brighter and more fresh complexion.


In the warm station, people who have a history of diseases of the genitourinary apparatus, are recommended to eat 500 grams of fresh blueberries every day. In the cold station, dry berries are an alternative.

Including blueberries in the daily diet, a person can adjust the functioning of the kidneys and bladder, and reduce the symptoms of existing diseases and pain syndrome.

During the exacerbation of diseases of the urogenital system it is necessary to drink blueberry decoction or tea based on the leaves of the plant. It will have a beneficial effect on the bladder, the kidneys and the entire organism.

Articular ailments

Another great virtue of blueberries is its use in case of articular ailments and pains. A therapeutic effect can be achieved using blueberry broth. For preparation, take 25 grams of dry berries, pour 400 ml of water, slowly and boil until half of the liquid part evaporates.

Take 50 ml of this hot broth before the food. An alternative to the broth can be a tasty blueberry kissel. To prepare it, you will need 600 ml of water, add 50 grams of dry berries, slowly put on a boiling, strain through gauze, add 2 teaspoons of starch, 2 tablespoons of sugar, boil, cool and consume.

Strengthen the body’s immune system

Blueberries can be indispensable at any time of the year to improve immunity and reinforce the body’s defenses. Just consume 15 blueberries a day in any of its forms. Its benefits for immunity are incomparable to those of any other berry.

In addition to an enriched composition with vitamins, minerals and acids, it contains useful and strong antioxidants – anthocyanins, in high concentration. Prepare a healthy infusion – boil 1 teaspoon of berries and dried leaves in 200 ml of boiling water, use 50 ml of infusion before each meal.

Cranberry sheets for diabetes

It is recommended to use blueberry berries and leaves in any way for people suffering from a disease such as diabetes. Plant leaves contain the mirtilline glucóside, which helps reduce and normalize a person’s blood sugar level.

Reference. For a better and permanent effect, it is necessary to include blueberries in the daily diet.

In case of throat pain

In the case of throat diseases, it is recommended to use a decoction of blueberries made from the berries of the plant. The preparation process is quite simple. Pour boiling water over blueberries, observing the proportion of 1: 5, bring to a boil, strain and pour the decoction resulting from the mouth 3-4 times a day after a meal.


Another useful and therapeutic property of blueberries is the treatment of hemorrhoids. Due to its composition and properties, the berry helps stop the bleeding of inflamed hemorrhoids, relieves painful symptoms and eliminates the inflammatory process. For treatment, a blueberry infusion is used, at this rate

  • Dry leaves and berries – 60-65 g;
  • 1 liter of purified water.
  • Pour water on the fruit and leaves, put on the fire;
  • After 10 minutes, remove from heat, strain;
  • Drink instead of tea 3-4 times a day, 150 ml.

Aid. In advanced stages of hemorrhoids and the prolapse of the nodes outward – using the same recipe, preparing decoction and use for irrigation. If the disease is accompanied by stomach discomfort, dry mulberry leaves are added to the decoction.

Some contraindications

Narrows have a lot of useful and therapeutic properties, but be sure to become familiar with contraindications before using them. They include:

  • Individual intolerance to blueberries and allergic reactions;
  • Oxalathuria;
  • Pancreatic, chronic and acute diseases;
  • Biliary dyskinesia and irritable intestine syndrome;
  • Cholangitis and cholelithiasis;
  • Pancreatitis

In this article, we have done our best to answer all important questions about blueberries. Knowing the beneficial and therapeutic properties of fruit and leaves – it is essential to include them in their daily diet to improve their health and all body systems.

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