What vitamins contains mandarin?

Mandarin is a healthy and tasty fruit. It is considered the most valuable of the citrus family for its rich composition in vitamins and minerals that have beneficial effects for the body. The pulp and fruit peel contain a lot of vitamin C, which means that it can be used to reinforce the immune system and combat viral infections, which is important for colds and flu during the low season.

The chemical composition of mandarin

Mandarin is a product free of acids, thanks to its citric acid content, which simply prevents the penetration and accumulation of harmful chemical compounds.

The fruit is unique for its composition:

  • riboflavin
  • Betacarotene
  • pyridoxin
  • vegetable fats
  • Mineral salts
  • fiber
  • citric acid
  • Vitamin Complex A, C, B1, D, K, P
  • Macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium).

The product contains a considerable number of other nutrients:

  • Organic acids (citric, ntranyl)
  • essential oils
  • sugars
  • flavonoids
  • carotene.

Tests mandarin is probably the only fruit that does not contain nitrates and the second in amount of iron after the apple. It is an invaluable source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which prevents viral infections from penetrating the human body and reinforcing immunity.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates (FFC)

Mandarins are a low calorie dietary product. Most are carbohydrates (7. 5%). Proteins constitute 1. 7% and fats 0. 4%.


Vitamin complex in 100 grams of product:

  • A (0. 06 mg) for visual acuity
  • B1 (0. 06 mg) for metabolic acceleration
  • B2 (0. 03 mg) for skin and hair
  • B3 (0. 2 mg) to reduce harmful cholesterol and normalize blood pressure.
  • B6 (0. 07 mg), active in the production of red blood cells
  • C (38 mg), as a great defender of the immune system
  • E (0. 2 mg) for the thinning of the blood and the prevention of thrombosis.

It also contains vitamin PP, B3 (nicotinic acid), A (tocoferol), B6 (pyridoxin).

The exotic fruit is a treasure of useful components, and the palm is carried in the content of some. If there are no contraindications, you can eat safely to improve mood, enrich the body with all useful substances (especially in winter), increase immunity, prevent virus development, infectious diseases.

Mineral composition

  • normalizes digestive processes
  • cheer up
  • Improves brain function and appetite.

All this is due to the entire mineral complex in the composition: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium.


100 g of product contain the following nutrients

  • calcium (35mg)
  • iron (0. 1mg)
  • potassium (155mg)
  • magnesium (11mg)
  • sodium (12mg)
  • phosphorus (17mg).

Caloric content of tangerine per 100 grams

Low calorie dietary product, in the absence of indications, you can eat as much as you want without worrying about gaining unwanted kilos. It is a source of carbohydrates and vegetable fibers to stimulate digestion. A pulp contains only 45 kcal per 100 g. However, it contains 88% pure water and 12% sugar. Depending on the place of cultivation and the variety, the calories can vary between 15 and 30. 5 kcal.


The pulp of a freshly peeled fruit contains between 12 and 38 kcal. 100 g (1. 5 mandarins) contain 88 g of water, 1. 9 g of dietary fiber. The glycemic index is 49 units.


The caloric value in 100 g of dried mandarin is 270-320 kcal. Carbohydrates represent 9 g, fats 2 g and proteins 1. 7 g. Dried fruit is no worse than fresh. For overweight people and diabetics, it is a lifesaver, thanks to its low cholesterol and fat content. The fruit can be combined with tea, for example, if you want to lose weight.

If taken regularly, tangerines are an excellent way to fight harmful microorganisms, improve the immune system, and prevent the development of fungal diseases. The dried fruit is an excellent anti-inflammatory for sore throats and coughs. In dried form, it helps improve eyesight, protects the skin from diseases and from exposure to harmful UV rays.

Note. Tangerine is an excellent remedy for the prevention of stomach cancer. Normalizes metabolism and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

tangerine juice

Tangerine juice contains 36 kcal in 100 g. It is a therapeutic and dietary drink. Contains vitamins B, A, C, E, PP, minerals (phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium).

Thanks to its phytoncidal properties, the juice will have an antimicrobial effect on the body if consumed regularly. It is an anti-inflammatory heat. If you drink on an empty stomach 1 cup every morning, then prevent the accumulation of mucus in the lungs, begin to treat bronchitis and asthma due to the high content (%) of phenolic amino acids.

Externally, it is recommended to take the juice for women with mastitis, thrush. A freshly squeezed glass is excellent for suppressing parasites in the body, normalizes metabolism and digestion, and has an expectorant and antipyretic effect.

Note. It is mandarin juice that replenishes the water balance in fevers and fever, suppresses microorganisms in the aputas, normalizes hormones in menopause in women.

Properties of mandarins

The properties and nutritional value of mandarin are not lower than those of other exotic fruits. And it is considered a lo w-calorie dietary product:

  • reduces blood sugar levels (important for diabetics)
  • accelerate metabolic processes
  • purifies blood
  • Stop hemorrhages during menopause
  • Treat you
  • Relieve depression and stress
  • It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system
  • Combats bacterial and viral infections thanks to the phytoncidas contained in the pulp, which have antimicrobial properties
  • heals the dysentery due to its high vitamin content
  • Clean the bronchi and lungs (take fresh juice every morning on an empty stomach)
  • expels the organism’s parasites (fruit is recommended for children)
  • Improves the operation of the cardiovascular system
  • normalizes blood hemoglobin levels
  • It has an antiedmatoso effect thanks to its composition in phenolic acids.

Mandarin, as well as apples, contains a lot of vitamin F, so it begins to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

The fruit leads the amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which means that it relieves unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu and increases the organism’s resistance. Besides

  • Strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle.
  • Prevents vascular spiders.
  • Reduce the risk of thrombosis.

Citrus retinol is an important vitamin for women: it preserves the view, regenerates and rejuvenates skin cells, avoids the peeling of dermis, increases perspiration. Incnimable minerals:

  • They regulate blood sugar levels
  • regulate brain activity and digestion
  • Eliminates the phlegm of the lungs
  • Help in the treatment of many diseases.

Calciferol actively participates in the fight against musculoskeletal disorders and is a bone tissue cell formator.

Mandarin allows to rejoice and enjoy, since the production of the hormone serotonin increases. It is recommended to include it in the obese diet (regardless of its degree).

The benefits of

If you eat only 1 fruit per day, the benefits for the agency are priceless:

  • Elimination of harmful waste products and toxins outdoors
  • Standardization of intestinal microflora, gastrointestinal tract, acid-alkaline environment
  • Elimination of constipation
  • replacement of minerals and micronutrients
  • Diuretic effect without altering the kidneys or irritating urinary tract.

Mandarins are an excellent preventive for cystitis, pyelonephritis, nephritis, cholelithiasis, infections, avitaminosis, skin lesions with zoster herpes and microsporiasis.

A tincture made with the peel helps fight cough and eliminates the phlegm of the lungs. It also normalizes digestion and appetite. Mandarin juice is good to stabilize blood pressure and prevents tissue edema.

Note. It has been fully demonstrated that mandarins are useful for women to eliminate facies (which is important during pregnancy in the 1st quarter), to normalize the hormonal background. The fruit is beneficial for hair and skin, regulates the menstrual cycle, which is also important during menopause and painful periods.

Citrus is a natural antidepressant, so it will maintain the mind and nervous system of women with depression and stress. This is not uncommon or a weakened body in the post-part period. The product is also important for infant mothers, when an iron dose will not be superfluous to avoid the development of anemia in the baby during breastfeeding.

Exotic fruit is a popular remedy for many diseases, a true fighter against bacterial and viral infections. It has a cumulative effect when ingested:

  • Activate the digestive process
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Improves appetite
  • purifies blood
  • Reduce blood sugar.

If intestinal discomfort worries, mandarin shell can be chew. If they feel nausea, it is convenient to chew the fruit to eliminate toxins and waste products in case of poisoning.

Mandarin contains volatile essential oils that help clear the respiratory tract of accumulated phlegm, and the infection is completely suppressed in the body and in the surrounding air.

Note. The fruit reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, because it simply dissolves cholesterol plates in blood vessels. Start supporting the nervous system, eliminating the effects of stress and depression. The bright taste is always able to give a good mood. Mandarina is indicated in children for rickets, to strengthen bone tissue due to vitamin D in the composition.

Damage and contraindications

The fruit and citrus juice provide many benefits to the human body, but they are possible allergic reactions if the dose is abused. Conditional Contraindications:

  • acute pyelonephritis
  • cholecystitis
  • Gastritis colitis with hyperacidity
  • gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal.

It is important to wash the fruit before eating it because the skin can contain toxic substances. Unscrupulous growers often treat the fruit with harmful compounds and special gases to ripen it quickly.

Tangerine contains organic acids that can corrode the lining of the stomach and damage the lining of the digestive tract. Citrus should be used with caution in case of diabetes, since it contains carbohydrate components.

In rare cases, the product can cause psoriasis, respiratory distress, dermatitis and allergies. Citrus juice is not recommended for people with urolithiasis, since its fasting intake can cause the movement of kidney stones and debilitating pain. For children, it is important to start with small amounts.

What is the correct form and in what quantities should it be consumed?

Citrus fruits should not be consumed in case of diabetes, hepatitis, ulcers, gastritis and streptococcal nephritis. They are unconditional contraindications. The nuggets of the product contain poisonous hydrocyanic acid. Of course, it is not dangerous to human health in small doses.

The dose for an adult is 2 tangerines a day to get a good mood and improve your health. However, if eaten in excess, the biologically active substances in its composition can cause allergies.

It is not recommended to eat tangerines on an empty stomach, but it is better to take them after breakfast, 30-40 minutes later. If you are not allergic, you can eat 5 to 10 pieces as an adult, especially out of season. Children should take their age into account and start eating them only after 1 year, even though they are rich in vitamins. It is better to start with fresh juice (1 teaspoon). If allergic reactions do not occur, then 1-2 slices can be given, and so 1-2 pieces a day at 3 years. The dose for children from 6 to 12 years is 4-5, provided that allergies to citrus fruits do not occur.

Information. Pediatricians do not recommend giving mandarin juice in sachets to children under 1 year of age. If he is allergic, it should be excluded from the diet before 3-4 years.

It is important for women during pregnancy to consume tangerines. The fresh juice restores the body’s phytora and has a diuretic effect in cases of severe swelling. If applied externally, the juice will get rid of candidiasis, nail fungus.

Exotic fruit – a natural antioxidant, so it stands up for the female body disarmed during pregnancy, in the postpartum period. Prevents the attack of infection, supports in stressful situations.

It has been shown that tangerines reduce weight, allowing losing up to 5 kg in a few days. They have been used as a diet base, for example, tangerine + egg, black coffee + mandarin + green leafy vegetables. Exotic fruit allows us to lose weight without altering the organism’s vitamin flora. Both fruit and tangerine juice are recommended for diet. The main thing is that the diet is correct and balanced, combined with physical activity.

Conservation and special characteristics

Mandarins, once bought, must be kept in the trays and on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. The approximate deadline is 10 days. Do not wrap them in cellophane. They will spoil quickly and feel bad. You can place them in a special grid, wrapping each paper on paper, and save them up to 1 month.

Many people think that lemons are the best for colds because they are the ones with the most health benefits. However, this is a myth. Mandarins are as good as lemons. If you eat 2 fruits a day, you will begin to fight the inflammation of the lungs, liquefy and expel phlegm, reduce fever with colds. It is an excellent remedy for bronchitis, pleurisy.

It can be consumed exclusively throughout the world in the absence of contraindications, especially women and children. Mandarin is an excellent prophylactic against retention of excess fluid in the body for pregnant women. Relieves depression and chronic fatigue, it has a beneficial effect on skin and hair. The product is low in calories and helps during the epidemics of flu and cold as much as the classic lemon.

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