Why are nuts good for women?

Even Avicena, in her treaty on the benefits of plants for the human being, wrote that beautiful sex should consume nuts to improve their health. Modern doctors agree with this point of view.

Heat table of nuts

Nuts contain many nutrients, vitamins and minerals, without which the normal functioning of the organism is not possible. However, nutritionists do not recommend eating them in large quantities. The nuts of all varieties are very caloric due to the oils that contain their seeds.

Of course, most grains contain polyunsaturated fats, so they reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. But consuming too much fat can mean gaining more kilos.

Name Calories, Kcal.(per 100 g.)
Nut 648
Cashew 643
Peanut 551
Almond 645
Pine tree 629
Pecan 690
Macadamia 718
Pistachio 556
Pecan 690
Brazilian 565

For this reason, the introduction of the product in the diet must be guided by the calorie tables. Before choosing what dry fruit consume, it should be found how many calories contain their grains.

It is also advisable to limit other foods rich in fats and sweets. It is the only way to benefit from nuts and not cause weight gain.

Useful properties of nuts for women’s health

Nuts have a positive effect on many organism systems due to their chemical composition and energy value. Let’s understand why it is so necessary to introduce this tasty and useful product in your diet.

For gynecological problems

Nuts have several important properties. They can strengthen blood vessels and improve blood composition, so they can fight hemorrhages. They also have antiparasitic properties and improve the immune system. That is why gynecologists recommend using them for the following problems

  • Menstrual disorders
  • ovarian cysts
  • painful menstruations;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • infertility

Nuts, especially nuts, are also recommended to women trying to get pregnant. They contain a lot of vitamin E, which has a beneficial effect on the operation of the reproductive system. By the way, eating nuts is also worth it for men who want to be parents: they significantly improve sperm quality and increase the volume of ejaculation.

In cosmetology

Nut oils are widely used in cosmetology. They help combat dry skin and hair, normalize sebum production and eliminate fatty shine. Oils help repair even very damaged hair. They must be applied in the form of a mask 1-2 times per week for half an hour, clarifying with plenty of water and deep cleaning shampoo.

The treatment course must last exactly one month, after which a tw o-month break is taken. Thanks to this type of masks the hair will become softer and brighter, in addition to starting to grow better. In order for the mask to be even more effective, you can add vitamins A and E Liquid, sale in pharmacies.

Crushed grains are used to make exfoliants. These exfoliants can also be prepared at home. It is enough to grind some grains with a coffee grinder, mix them with vegetable oil (if the skin is dry) or water, apply on the skin, massage gently and wash with cold water.

Nut oil contains ant i-inflammatory components, so it can be used to combat acne.

After 30

Nuts are effective in fighting hormonal dysfunctions. They contain many amino acids, as well as minerals and vitamins. Nuts, hazelnuts and almonds are especially useful in this regard.

3 0-yea r-old women should also consume nuts to help the organism in times of stress and emotional overload. This age period is the high point of adult activity, and nuts can replace multivitamin complexes. In addition, due to the large number of oils they contain, they provide energy and strength, as well as a beneficial effect on the hormonal background.

For women after 40

Hormonal activity begins to fade from 40 years. At this time, nuts should be introduced into the diet to normalize the endocrine system. They contain oils and vitamins, necessary for the production of sufficient amounts of hormones. Through regular consumption of nuts, you can delay the appearance of menopause and relieve its symptoms.

Since from 45 years metabolism slows down, nuts should be consumed in limited amounts (no more than 50 grams per day).

After 50

The consumption of nuts after 50 will relieve the symptoms of menopause. In addition, its inclusion in the diet helps avoid diseases of the reproductive system (uterine miomatosis, cervical cancer and breast cancer).

Grain oils also help maintain the elasticity of skin and hair due to its high content of vitamins A and E. Finally, nut consumption is an excellent prevention of varicose veins. They reinforce the walls of the blood vessels and allow to avoid thrombosis due to the beneficial effect on blood properties.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is very useful to consume nuts. First, they allow obtaining the necessary proteins for the normal formation of the fetus. Second, the grains contain vitamins, which are necessary for a woman in the difficult gestation period of a baby. Finally, the product strengthens the immune system, which pregnant women are almost always weakened.

It is important that nuts contain a lot of folic acid, necessary for the normal formation of the baby’s nervous system. Therefore, they must be taken in the first quarter of pregnancy to prevent birth defects. The rest of the time its consumption will help avoid anemia.

However, it is important to remember that nuts are very allergenic. Before adding them to the diet you have to make sure that women have no hypersensitivity reaction. Therefore, grains should only be eaten after consulting a doctor and in small quantities (1-2 grains per day).

During breastfeeding

Nuts during breastfeeding increase the fatty content of breast milk and also its quantity. However, they should be used with great caution: introducing them into the diet can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. If, after the mother has eaten nuts, the child has skin rashes, digestive problems begin or shows signs of anxiety (or, on the contrary, too sleeping), you must leave the product. If the baby is prone to diasis, the product in the diet of an infant mother is strictly prohibited.

The most useful nuts for the human body

Each variety brings a certain benefit to the organism. We will try to determine what types of nuts are considered the most useful for women’s health.


Avellanas have a high content of vitamins A and E, in addition to being very nutritious. Strengthens the immune system, so it should be consumed during seasonal epidemics. The utility of hazelnut resides in its effect on blood vessels: it reinforces the hair walls and eliminates the “bad” cholesterol of the organism, thus preventing atherosclerosis.


Nuts are indicated for gynecological conditions and also for anemia. The grain oil improves the status of the skin and hair. In breastfeeding, nuts increase the fatty content of milk and also the volume of production. A young mother should not consume more than 2-3 nuts per day, otherwise milk can become too fat, which is harmful to the baby.


Almonds help normalize metabolism. Therefore, nutritionists advise consuming small amounts of their almonds to women who want to get rid of the extra kilos. However, to achieve results, you have to limit the consumption of other foods containing fat and exercise regularly. Almonds also strengthen the vascular wall and help avoid varicose veins in the lower extremities.

Brazil nut

This product is very caloric. It can be consumed before training as energy reinforcement. It is also rich in vitamins and trace elements, among which selenium stands out. Selenium is beneficial for the female reproductive function, so women should consume with difficulties in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy. However, selenium’s usefulness depends directly on the amount consummated. This microelement is necessary in small quantities, in large quantities it becomes toxic.


Peanuts are rich in vitamins A and E that are natural antioxidants. Thanks to this, they slow down the aging processes and are good to prevent cancer. It is best to eat it fresh or roasted without salt or sugar. The healthiest nuts for women from 40 years are peanuts. They will delay menopause and avoid the development of cancer of the reproductive system.

How do food allergies manifest?

Peanuts, whose benefits are evident to women, can not only be an excellent food complement, but also a product that causes allergic reactions.

The following symptoms are indicative of an allergy:

  • Short of breath;
  • worsening of general wel l-being, feeling of discomfort;
  • headache;
  • redness of the skin;
  • Digestive problems (diarrhea or constipation) that appear after eating even small amounts of food.

If these symptoms occur, grain consumption should be avoided, however beneficial they may be. If you are prone to hypersensitivity reactions, there is a high risk of developing Quincke edema or anaphylactic shock, conditions that can be mortal.

If allergy symptoms are presented after product consumption, the stomach must be rinsed immediately inducing vomit by pressing the root of the tongue. Next, the person must be administered to the person a few tablets of activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg. If the victim complains of respiratory difficulty or swelling of the face, an ambulance should be called.

Daily amount

No more than 75 grams of grains a day should be consumed. With this amount there is no risk of weight gain. Do not exceed this amount.

In order for nuts to provide maximum benefit, it is advisable to consume them fresh, without toast. Temperature exposure destroys vitamins and amino acids containing nutrition, which affects their nutritional value.

Finally, nuts must be of good quality. Some can be damaged (for example, Brazil or Pacanas nuts, which have soft grains that contain a lot of oil). If the grains have a different smell or a rancid flavor, they should not be eaten. Guard them in a cool and dry place, far from food that detach strong odors and domestic chemicals. When buying nuts you have to read the expiration date of the container: if the product has expired it can be harmful to health.

The benefits of nuts for women’s health are indisputable. They help conserve youth for a long time, they are natural antioxidants, help the body at the cold station and it has been shown that during breastfeeding the quality of milk improves. However, for nuts to be beneficial, it is necessary to limit their amount in the diet. Otherwise, there is a high risk of rapid weight increase.

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