Wild raspberries for children: benefits and losses

The brilliant red berries of the Mother’s family have surprising healing properties and are good to eat, not only for children, but also for adults? How is this plant from your shrub counterparts? Why the popular remedy, which includes this berry, helps with various diseases? Let’s try to understand it.

The benefits of red blueberry for children

This berry is indispensable to combat infectious and viral diseases, because it contains one of the most important components: vitamin C. The daily dose of ascorbic acid of a child can be recovered by giving only one berry. Wild raspberries increase the elasticity of blood vessels, improve their operation, protect the vulnerable immune system of children and make them more resistant.

It is important to note that raspberries are good to treat the following diseases in babies and adolescents:

  • Tracheitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Bronchitis
  • The rumor also relieves (for small vocalists).

In addition to vitamin C, the berry contains many other useful elements: vitamins A, P, K, E. potassium and copper, flavonoids and manganese, as well as various amino acids can improve the child’s health without resorting to productsPharmacists (rich in chemical substances).

The useful for children: medicinal properties

Hyperactive children who suffer from sleep disorders, raspberries can help deal with excessive excitability and calm the nervous system. Here the magnesium composition of the plant plays an important role.

The iron of the berry helps prevent anemia thanks to its juice and blueberry bite. They have an excellent astringent effect during diarrhea, for example as Loperamide. Lomberies are also good for treating mouthpies. The fact that neutralizes bacteria and greatly reduces their number, so when the gum disease is berry – an indispensable thing. The juice is also used for lotions, which are much easier to eliminate pustules, boils and skin diseases.

Improving blood composition contributes to the use of blueberry with folic acid. Iron does a very good job here. Cranberry faces very well with the elimination of toxins and impurities from the body, prevents the formation of fat deposits in the internal organs. The blueberry compote is recommended to children who have problems with renal function. Normalizes the activity of these organs.

Gastritis can also be treated by introducing this berry in the diet, but only if stomach acidity is reduced. For swelling and dyspepsia, it is advisable to give the child blueberry juice. This berry can perfectly replace a laxative. Instead of destroying the body of a child numerous antipyretics, whose composition leaves much to be desired, to make a blueberry tea. Believe me, the strength of its effects is not lower than the same aspirin or paracetamol.

It acts as a berry and analgesic, so do not hesitate to give their children instead of the usual compressed analgin and citramon. There is no damage to the body, and the effect is not worse. If a child suffers from allergies, raspberries can help solve the problem. Berry is hypoallergenic and is used in the treatment of child dermatitis. Excellent for wound healing, it has a soft sedative effect. With painful menstruation, it acts as an analgesic, and helps with excessive bleeding. For diabetes, it helps normalize blood sugar levels.

The decoction of red blueberry cortex helps to stop nasal hemorrhages: soak two baston and introduce them into the nose.

Information. Interestingly, this plant contains coffee acid, which has a stimulating effect. For your child to concentrate better in classes and memorize what he has read, offer him a teaspoon of ground cranberry with sugar after breakfast. If a teenager suffers from acne, prepare a red blueberry pulp and apply it daily on the face.

How can I give it to my son?

Children can take red blueberries in almost any form. It all depends on the purpose of its application. You can prepare compote, snacks, juice or kissel of the berry. Combine well with honey or sugar. The berm jam is also fantastic. Fresh fruit can be added to oatmeal.

At what age can children be hit?

The juice or syrup, diluted in water in a proportion of 50-50, can be given to a 6-8 months child.

Attention. Even taking into account that the raspberry is hypoallergenic, at first it is convenient to monitor the child’s reaction to this product. There may be many different manifestations.

The dose should be gradually increased, starting 5-10 ml. If there are no side effects, the amount can be increased to 30-40 ml. When the baby turns a year, the ration that includes raspberries can be extended considerably. You can offer your son desserts of gelatin and podes made with berries, as well as kisses and mousses. Fresh berries can only be consumed by children from the year and a half, but no more than a tablespoon a day.

A varied blueberry menu can be included in the child’s diet only from 3 years. It is then that the baby’s digestive system will be prepared to use a variety of sweets made with red blueberries: panecillos, marshmallows and other sweets.


  • Increased tendency to thrombosis
  • Increased blood coagulation
  • Individual intolerance
  • Increased acidity or peptic ulcer
  • Hypotension (since the berry helps lower blood pressure)

Now you know what kind of berry is the raspberry and what is consumed. It is important to remember that it is better to treat children with popular remedies with herbal additives in the form of berries, vegetables and fruits to watch the fragile body of a child with pharmaceutical chemicals. How did our great and healthy grandmothers grew? After all, there were no numerous medications before. The secret is simple: power is in natural plants.

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