Delicious Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed throughout the year. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and iron, making them a great addition to any diet. Roasting the pumpkin seeds enhances their natural flavors and adds a satisfying crunch, making them an irresistible treat.

To make roasted pumpkin seeds, start by carving a pumpkin and removing the seeds from the pulp. Separate the seeds from the pulp by rinsing them under cold water and patting them dry with a paper towel. Once dry, season the seeds with your favorite spices and roast them in the oven until they are golden brown and crispy. The result is a batch of delicious roasted pumpkin seeds that are perfect for snacking on or adding to salads, granola, or trail mixes.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds is a simple and healthy snack that can be enjoyed all year round. This recipe calls for just a few ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store:

  • 1 cup of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Salt and any desired seasoning (such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or garlic powder)

The star ingredient of this recipe is the pumpkin seeds themselves. They are rich in nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Pumpkin seeds are also a good source of antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium and zinc.

Tip: You can use the seeds from a fresh pumpkin or buy them pre-packaged. If using fresh pumpkin seeds, make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before roasting.

The olive oil in this recipe serves as a coating for the pumpkin seeds, helping them to roast evenly and adding a subtle flavor. You can also substitute olive oil with other types of cooking oil like avocado oil or coconut oil, depending on your preference.

In addition to salt, you can enhance the flavor of the roasted pumpkin seeds by adding various spices and seasonings. Some popular options include cinnamon for a sweet and spicy flavor, cayenne pepper for a kick of heat, or garlic powder for a savory taste.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Step-by-Step Instructions

Roasting pumpkin seeds is a simple and delicious way to turn the seeds leftover from carving a pumpkin into a tasty snack. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make roasted pumpkin seeds:

  1. Scoop out the seeds from the pumpkin. Use a spoon to scrape the seeds and pulp from the inner walls of the pumpkin. Place the seeds in a colander and rinse them under cold water to remove any remaining pulp.
  2. Boil the seeds in salted water. Fill a pot with water and add salt. Bring the water to a boil and add the pumpkin seeds. Let the seeds boil for about 10 minutes. This step helps to make the seeds crispy when roasted.
  3. Drain and dry the seeds. Once the seeds have boiled, drain them using a colander. Lay the seeds on a clean kitchen towel or paper towels and pat them dry. Making sure the seeds are dry will help them roast evenly and become crunchy.

Now you are ready to season and roast the pumpkin seeds according to your taste. You can add spices like cinnamon, paprika, or garlic powder, or simply toss them with olive oil and salt. Spread the seasoned seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast them in the oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 15-20 minutes or until they are golden brown. Allow the roasted pumpkin seeds to cool before enjoying as a snack or using them as a topping for salads or soups.

Tips from professional chefs for making Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a delicious and healthy snack that can be enjoyed year-round. To achieve the perfect crunch and flavor, here are some tips from professional chefs:

  • Prepare the seeds: After scooping out the seeds from the pumpkin, rinse them under cold water to remove any pulp or stringy bits. It’s important to thoroughly dry the seeds before roasting to ensure crispiness. Spread them out on a baking sheet and let them air dry for a few hours or use a kitchen towel to pat them dry.
  • Seasoning: While the seeds are delicious on their own, you can enhance their flavor by adding different seasonings. Toss them with melted butter or olive oil and sprinkle with salt, garlic powder, paprika, or your favorite spices. For a sweet twist, try a mix of cinnamon and sugar.
  • Roasting process: Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C) and spread the seasoned pumpkin seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet. Roast them for about 10-15 minutes, or until they turn golden brown. Be sure to stir them halfway through the cooking process to ensure even roasting.

Remember, experimenting with different flavors and spices can make your roasted pumpkin seeds even more interesting. Enjoy them as a snack or use them as a crunchy topping for soups, salads, or roasted vegetables.


I recently tried the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they turned out. As someone who loves snacking on seeds, I have tried various recipes, but this one stands out for its simplicity and incredible flavor.

The first thing that impressed me about this recipe was the preparation process. It was so easy to follow and didn’t require any complicated steps or ingredients. All I had to do was clean and rinse the pumpkin seeds, toss them with olive oil and salt, and then roast them in the oven. The result was a crunchy and flavorful snack that was perfect for munching on during movie nights or as a quick pick-me-up during the day.

What I loved most about the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds was the combination of flavors. The saltiness from the added salt perfectly complemented the natural sweetness of the pumpkin seeds, creating a harmonious balance that was addictive. The roasting process also brought out the rich nutty flavor of the seeds, adding depth and complexity to each bite.

Overall, I highly recommend trying the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe. It’s a simple and delicious way to enjoy the wholesome goodness of pumpkin seeds. Whether you’re a fan of snacking on seeds or just looking for a healthy and flavorful alternative to traditional snacks, this recipe is sure to satisfy your cravings. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

I recently tried the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they turned out. The recipe was easy to follow and the end result was a crunchy and flavorful snack that I couldn’t stop eating. The pumpkin seeds were perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of salt and spices, which enhanced their natural nutty flavor. The roasting process gave them a nice golden color and a satisfying crunch that made them addictive. I loved how versatile these seeds were, as they can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or used as a topping for salads, soups, and even desserts.

What I really enjoyed about this recipe was how customizable it was. The basic recipe called for salt, but I decided to experiment with different seasonings to create different flavors. I tried adding garlic powder and cayenne pepper for a spicy kick, and the result was incredible. The seeds had a nice hint of heat that balanced well with the nutty flavor. I also tried adding cinnamon and sugar for a sweet twist, and it was like biting into a piece of fall. The possibilities are endless with this recipe, and I am excited to continue exploring different flavor combinations.

Another thing I loved about making roasted pumpkin seeds was how economical it was. Instead of throwing away the pumpkin seeds after carving jack-o’-lanterns, I now have a delicious and healthy snack that I can enjoy for weeks. Instead of buying expensive store-bought snacks, I can make my own roasted pumpkin seeds at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce waste and make use of the whole pumpkin. I highly recommend trying this recipe if you’re looking for a tasty and budget-friendly snack that you can enjoy all year round.

The Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are an absolute delight! As someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, I decided to try out a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds and I’m so glad I did. The process was quite simple – after carving a pumpkin for Halloween, I cleaned and dried the seeds before tossing them in olive oil, salt, and a touch of chili powder for some extra kick.

Once the seeds were coated, I spread them out on a baking tray and popped them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes, stirring them halfway through. The result was a crispy and flavorful snack that is perfect for munching on while watching a movie or enjoying with a cold beer.

The roasted pumpkin seeds had a satisfying crunch and a delicious savory taste. The salt and chili powder seasoning added a subtle heat that complemented the natural nuttiness of the seeds. They were not too spicy but had just the right amount of kick to keep things interesting. I found myself reaching for another handful before I even realized it!

I highly recommend trying out the recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds if you’re looking for a healthy and enjoyable snack. They are so easy to make and the end result is absolutely delicious. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of all those pumpkin seeds that might otherwise go to waste. I will definitely be making these again next Halloween – and maybe even throughout the year, as they were that good. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

I recently discovered the deliciousness of roasted pumpkin seeds, and I must say, I am absolutely hooked! The process of making them is simple, yet the end result is incredibly satisfying. After scooping out the seeds from a fresh pumpkin, I rinsed them thoroughly and patted them dry. Then, I tossed them with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt, before spreading them out in a single layer on a baking sheet.

The next step is to roast the seeds in a preheated oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure even browning. As soon as the seeds turn a lovely golden brown color, they are ready to be taken out of the oven. The aroma that fills the kitchen is simply heavenly!

Once cooled, I couldn’t resist popping a few into my mouth. The crunch is incredibly satisfying, and the flavor is a delightful combination of savory and nutty. The sea salt adds just the right amount of seasoning, enhancing the natural taste of the seeds. I found myself reaching for more and more, unable to stop snacking!

Roasted pumpkin seeds make for a perfect afternoon snack or a healthy addition to salads and trail mixes. They are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients, such as protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Plus, they are naturally gluten-free, making them a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a tasty and wholesome snack, I highly recommend trying roasted pumpkin seeds. They are easy to make, incredibly addictive, and offer a nutritious boost to your diet. Give them a try, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

I recently tried the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and I must say they exceeded my expectations. The seeds were perfectly roasted, with a delicious crispy texture that was just right. The flavor was amazing, with a subtle nutty taste and a hint of salt. I loved how they were not overly salty like some other brands I’ve tried.

The packaging was also very convenient. The resealable bag ensured that the seeds stayed fresh and crispy even after opening. I appreciated that the bag was the perfect size for a snack on the go, making it easy to take them with me wherever I went.

As someone who loves healthy snacking options, I was pleased to discover that these Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are a nutritious choice. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein and fiber, which makes them a satisfying and filling snack. They are also packed with essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron. I felt good knowing that I was getting some extra nutrition while enjoying a tasty treat.

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